ERCÜMENT SANDIKCIOĞLU  - Chief Pilot | Urgup Balloons

He was born in Afyon, 1976.  He completed his primary and secondary education in Izmir. He graduated from Gazi University Statistics Dept. and Anadolu University Business Administration Department. He started to work as the parachute pilot in 1992 with in Turkish Aeronautical Association. He started his professional carreer in 1995 at the Teacher Pilot staff of Turkish Aeronautical Association. He worked in TAA for 10 years until 2006, and since 2006 he has been hot air balloon pilot, maintenance manager and chief pilot in private companies in Cappadocia. Since 2013, he is the chief pilot of Urgup Balloon and director of flight operations. Throughout 24 years of aviation life, Turkey has flown in various countries like England, Portugal, Lithuania, Turkmenistan. Total flight is 4000 hours. He served as a manager at the 1st World Air Games organized in Turkey in 1997. The hot air balloon held in Lithuania in 2003 represented Turkey as a member of the Turkish national team at the World Championships. Having flights with several television program crews in the Cappadocia region, he became the official pilot of the channel by flying the shooting team in the Cappadocia documentary, which the National Geographic Channel had taken in 2011, for a week. He loves nature, sea and hunting.

ABDULLAH ATASOY - Pilot | Urgup Balloons

Abdullah was born in 1991 in the cute town of Nev?ehir Ortahisar. He completed his primary and secondary education in Ortahisar, his high school education in Nev?ehir Technical High School and his university education in Konya Selcuk University in computer programming department. Ever since childhood, he woke up early and watched the balloons to see the balloons flying in Ortahisar every morning. In 2009, he made a three-year groundwork in a balloon business, and during this time his interest in piloting has grown. In 2013 he worked hard and wrote his balloon pilot training on his own and got his license. By 2014, he is doing commercial balloon piloting, and his curiosity and interest in piloting is growing day by day. Abdullah also speaks English, good computer technician, billiards and motorcycle enthusiast. With approximately 450 hours of flight experience and sympathetic personality, he offers his guests a pleasant flight experience.

Hakan HAMAMCI - Pilot | Urgup Balloons
Hakan HAMAMCI Pilot

It was born in 1987 in the town of Ürgüp in Nev?ehir. Hakan, who has completed his school life in universities until his graduation from Ürgüp, graduated from Selçuk University. He worked as a project designer in Istanbul for 3 years. Hakan, who has been piloting since 2012, has started as a quality system manager and pilot in Ürgüp balloons in 2014 and has 600 hours flight experience. Hakan has a reliable, sympathetic and humorous character. They conquer the hearts of their guests during the flight and give them beautiful memories.

LEVENT KOCABAŞ  - Pilot | Urgup Balloons

Born in 1972, his childhood was in Istanbul, Cyprus and Ankara. He studied Biology (English) teaching at ADTU-METU and became a professional interpreter when he was a student. In 1995, he passed the hard exam and training and received the Tourist Guidance Licence. He spent 15 years in the 7-15 days package tours of different agencies and operators all around Turkey. In 2008, he began his pilot training in Russia and in 2010 he returned to Turkey with the Commercial Pilot and Flight Trainer License from the USA and started his commercial flights. It is the pilots who make the best English speaking and safest flight of our region with about 1000 hours of flight experience. He informs the passengers about flight safety and region history in 5 languages explantion. His hobbies; Linguistics, archeology and history of science.

MEHMET ÜZÜMCÜ - Pilot | Urgup Balloons

Mehmet is born in 1988 in Nev?ehir. His curiosity about aviation began during military service. Having completed his military service in Ankara Ak?nc?lar main jet base, Mehmet Üzümcü started to work as a ground team in the balloon sector immediately after returning to Nev?ehir. He then decided to be a pilot and served as a commercial balloon pilot at different companies. Since 2014 he has been working as a pilot and ground handling and balloon care manager in Urgup Balon. Mehmet Üzümcü, who has a thousand hours of flight experience, is also known for his love of animals in the region and Mehmet's greatest hobby, who knows spending time with his birds in his spare time.

NEBİ ÖZTÜRK - Pilot | Urgup Balloons

Nebi was born in the Cappadocia region (Nev?ehir) and grew up watching the hot air balloons which is passing over his house every morning since childhood. He dreamed of becoming a balloon pilot in the balloon competition in Cappadocia in 1994. Since then he has been the only imaginary balloon pilot. While studying the dream of Balloon Pilot, he undertook his undergraduate education at Anadolu University. Nebi immediately began training to be Balloon Pilot and realize his passion then he became one of the youngest balloon pilots in Cappadocia. He is currently teaching pilotage at Cappadocia Vocational High School. He has 2900 hours flight time. Nebi has a passion for curiosity, taking photos, walking in valleys, learning. At the same time, he is assisting maintenance and technician duties at Urgup Balloon. You will be witnessing the love flight and the safe flight you have experienced in your business while you are carrying your flights with Nebi.