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What is the Working Logic of Hot Air Balloons?

What is the Working Logic of Hot Air Balloons? How Do They Take Off? Why is It Just Morning Flight?
The adventure of flying, which started with Leonardo Da Vinci, has brought different fields to the present day. Helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, airplanes, whistles, now hot air balloons.Perhaps they may be different in concept. And the working strategies may not be the same. But what they have in common is peoples desire to fly.The flight adventure that started with Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi in Turkey continued with the trainings in institutions, departments and ommissions established later. Hot air ballooning, the most important actor in Cappadocia, has gained momentum. The curiosity about the hot air balloons that hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists visit increases day by day.In our article, we will take a look at which business logic the hot air balloons ventilate andwhy you only fly at certain times. But lets first look at the pieces of hot air balloons and what they do. Air bubbles can be roughly described as fabricated from fabric pieces and usually semi-oval shaped air tools. It is the simplest and weakest variety of aircraft. They work according to their specific weight and specific wind forces. The control may disappear as the average weight increases.It becomes ready for flight with a light air fills into the cloth covering. This requires a slight breeze and a control panel to control it. Control panels work with Programmable Logical Control (PLC) logic. And this control panel needs to be very sensitive. Otherwise, the balloons may be out of control and may be exposed to unwanted situations.

Hot air balloon cappadocia with urgup balloons
The control panels are a very simple system. There is no connection with the motor, only necessary for small diameter controls. Hot air balloons usually consist of three basic components: a dome, a basket and a heating system. These are interconnected and important pieces. They can be routed with control panel. But it is usually clear that pilots direct it.
Dome: This section, resembling a glassy dome, is the most important component of hot air balloons. The size of the fabric consists of a fabric with an average diameter of 230 cm, depending on the balloon owner. The dome ensures that the outside air and the inside air do not mix with each other. It also provides this with its thick hard structure. The bottom part of the dome is made of cloth known as nomex. This is considered to be the most robust fabric today. Baskets: used for the transport of passengers. Baskets usually consist of glass, fiber and fabric. It must be light. Ignitor: A system used to heat the air and reduce the air density inside. Its main ingredient is propane gas. When it comes to working principle, the inside of the dome is filled with cold air first. Full swelling is provided. Then, the inside air is heated. The balloon rises because the air heated by the ignition system will have less density. The direction of the wind is very important as there is no steering or steering in the hot air balloons. This is an easy process as it is already used only for tourist and sports purposes.Hot air balloons are only blown in the morning. The most important reasons for this are safety, comfortable and balanced flight and convenient landing. Otherwise, this may cause problems because the evening wind will be harder. You can join as hot air balloon cappadocia tour.