Frequently Asked Questions About Those Who Want to Fly in Cappadocia

Frequently Asked Questions About Those Who Want to Fly in Cappadocia

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If you want to experience an excellent experience and have a different atmosphere, the balloon tours are for you. Watching the entire Cappadocia with its birds-eye view is now much easier to see different views. Cappadocia balloon ride price is very cheap and you can spend a wonderful day with your family. You can leave yourself on the glorious journey of hot air balloons with tours that start early in the day. The hot air balloon experience is perfect for whom, but it can be unpleasant for some. You will need to have some information about hot air balloon tours to make these tours more beautiful. Here are the frequently asked questions and answers about the tour ...

Hot air balloon cappadocia
What is the working principle of balloons? 
The balloons have a top division made of fabric called a dome. This section is 250 cm in radius and resembles a real dome. The inside of the dome is filled with cold air. The lower ignition system ensures that the inside air becomes warmer than the outside air. The air inside the dome will heat up and the density will decrease. This will make the balloon rise. 

How to adjust the direction of the balloons?
Expert pilots adjust the direction of the wind depending on the wind without using any steering system and perform the stop if necessary. 

What do Baskets do?
One of the most important parts of hot air balloons is baskets. Baskets are strong sections
designed to carry passengers and crew.
How many people can ride to Basket?
This can be 2 people depending on the balloon capacity or 20 people. Weight and number of people are specified in advance.
How long is the life of the balloons?
The average lifetime of the balloon is 500 hours. This, of course, may vary depending on the materials and equipment used. The life of the baskets is around 3,000 hours. Can be used for thousands of hours with good care and attention.
How long does the baloon tours last?
Balloon tours usually last 1 hour, depending on the tour companies and the current situation. 

What type of fuel does the balloons work with?
The balloons usually run on tubes containing 80 kg of propane gas.

How high can the ballons be?

Tours usually have a height of 2000 feet. Heights below this are also preferred, but the maximum height is 2000 feet. I mean 70 cm.

Are balloons reliable?
Balloons may be more or less reliable than the reliability of tour companies. So you will need to set up a reliable tour company. Otherwise you may be exposed to unwanted situations.

How long does it take to inflate and extinguish the balloon?
These operations are usually 15 minutes.
What happens when an object enters the balloons from outside?
The balloons are usually made of sturdy structures, so birds and other objects can not enter at all.
Why are they flying in the morning?
In the morning the winds can be controlled more. In addition, daytime time is more reliable.
What should I wear?
Usually comfortably dressed and plain heeled shoes and hats.
What should we bring in?
You can get water, jacket and rope depending on the situation.
What is the price?
Generally price ise about 200 TL. But you can see different offers.