Göreme Open Air Museum is the true highlight of Turkey with may churches inside to explore:


This has a covered cross-plan with three apses. The corner areas and the main area are coveted with domes. Aside from its well preserved and repaired frescos, its geometrical embellishments are also eye-catching. They are dated to the mid 11th century.ON these frescoes various scenes are depicted including: the Birth, Baptism, teh Rising of Lazarus, Metamorphosis, the Entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, the Betrayal, Jesus on the road to Golgotha, Jesus on Cross, the Burial of Jesus, Anastasias, and Jesus ascending to heaven.SAINT BARBARA CHURCH This remains from first half of the 11th century. Being on a cross-plan, the churches has small domes with 2 columns. Aside from the bellishments painted directly onto the wall in red –coloured paint, There are also frescoes of: Jesus Christ Pantokrator, Saint George and Saint Theodores, and Saint.



This is situated outside Göreme. A section of this church dated to the 10th century, has fallen into ruins as a result of corrosion. Frescoes of Jesus and the saints can be seen.YILANLI (SNAKE) CHURCH This church has two sections with flat ceilings, asn is formed into a rec tangular shape across its width. Graves are found in its southern section. On the wall opposite the entrance, Jesus is depicted, and on the right, there is a pictures showing Saint Basil, Saint Thomas, Saint Oniphorios, Saint George, and Saint Theodores killing snake. Costantine and Helena are depicted holding a cross between them. 


This church was constructed on a covered cross-plan with four independent supports. The central section with thre peses, the eastern cross-arm and its central four corners are covered by domes. The church is illuminated only through a small window in the narthex and is therefore quite dark, thus its name. It is completely embellished with frescoes which are the best preserved of the remaining frescoes in the region. They are dated to the 11th and 12th centuries. The rescoes show: the Baptism, the Raising of Lazarus, Metamorphosis, th Entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, Jesus on the Cross, Anastasis, Women at the Empty Grave, the Sanctification of the Apostles, Jesus, ascending to Heaven, and Christ antakrator.


Made up of four sections this is the church with the widest section. It is made up of a large church which was added onto the single-halled old church, a side chapel, and a lower chuch. The paintings of the frescoes was begun in the 10th century and continued up to the 13th century. The frescoes in the old chuch are spread over the surfaces of vaults and the upper sections of the walls. The main scenes are: the Birth, the Flight to Egypt, the Killing of Zacharia, the Miracle of Wine, the Multipliying of the Loaves and Fishy, the Crucification of Jesus, His Burial, and His Ascent to Heaven, There are also many paintings in the new church sections showing scenes of Jesus’ childhood, and the time of his torment, as well as secenes of the life of Saint Basil and pictures of other saints. SAKLI (HIDDEN) CHURCH This chuech was discovered in 1957. It has a rectangular plan with two divisions; the west ern section has a flat ceiling. The frescoes dated to the  second hald of the 11th century have been well preserved. The secenes on the frescoes are; the Birth, Jesus’ introduction to th church, the nomination of John the Baptist, the Baptism, Metamorphosis, Jesus on the Cross, and the Death of the Virgin.