Nevşehir, which was once the ruling centre of important historical setllements including Göreme, Ürgüp, Avanos and Hacıbektaş of Cappadocia, used to be known as Hittite, and during later periods as Nissa.You can join our hot air balloon cappadocia event. It was situated very near today’s city of Nevşehir. In the 18th century, smal rullage of Muşkara situated near the fort-castle quickly expanded and started to be called Nevşehir, meaning New City, as a result of the efforts of Damat Ibrahim Pasha, who was born here and later advanced to become a vizier.

The roadsconnectıng Konya and Aksaray to Kayseri and Kırşehir to Niğde, intersect in Nevşehir. This positively affected the progress was hastened due to fact that the region of Cappadocia is such a popular centre of tourism.

All historic buildings in Nevşehir remainings from the 12th century, with the exception of castle, were built by Sadrazam Damat Ibrahim Pasha. The Damat Ibrahim Pasha Külliyesi was constructed between the years 1725-1726, and is a complex of building situated between Nevşehir stream and the castle, and is made up of Külliye Mosque, medrese, sıbyan okulu (chidren’s school), library, inn, hamam and imaret building. The architect of these buildings is Mehmed Ağa, the chief architect of Ottoman Sultan.The Nevşehir Museum previously located in a section of the complex, has been opened to public in 1988 in its new building within the cultural centre.

The exhibits in the museum building, separated into archaelogical and ethnographic structures, are exhibited in two halls. In the museum’s garden, large Stone exhibits of various periods are displayed. if you want more information for hot air balloon cappadocia you can read here.

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