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About Us: The Best Hot Air Balloon Operator of Cappadocia since 2008
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The Cappadocia's Favourite Ballooner

We’re on an 12-year journey of flying over the magical beauties of Cappadocia!


Urgup Balloons is well-known as the best hot air balloon operator of Cappadocia since 2008. At Urgup Balloons, flying over the otherworldly landscape of Cappadocia has never been a job but an insistent passion for 12 years. With the same dedication and persistence, we’re committed to transforming Urgup Balloons into the Cappadocia’s leading ballooner! 

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the world’s most renowned and respected ballooner with its consumer-first approach.

At Urgup Balloons, while determining our vision, we wanted to it to be closely aligned with the notion of Turkish Hospitality. Accordingly, we’ve placed customer satisfaction at the centre of our company policy, adopting an unwritten rule that every customer should be treated as our guest. Such an approach has proved its success making us the best-regarded air balloon operator in the region of Cappadocia, and will be the roadmap to our internationalisation.

To fulfil this vision, we adopt the following values: Innovation, meritocracy, reliability, consumer satisfaction, fair dealing, distinctive creativity, social responsibility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most envied and safest hot air balloon flight service for our guests.

We consider high quality of service as an essential part of our mission. The newest hot air balloon fleet, the golden pilot team of flight instructors, perfect safety records (zero accidents) are the principle features of Urgup Balloons that enable us to offer our guests the safest and highest quality flight service. Having repeatedly been awarded Excellence Certificate by TripAdvisor.com, Urgup Balloons invites you to an unforgettable hot air balloon experience.

Our Story

It all started in 2007… Metin Aydemir, a well-respected Cappadocian gold seller and former physicist,  was advised by his close friend, Yasar Dogan, an aspiring entrepreneur and mechanical engineer, to embark upon the tourism sector. Upon this suggestion, thanks to their mutual passion for hot air balloons, they, together, created the unique colourful design of Urgup Balloons and formalised their partnership.

Would you believe we started out flying in Cappadocia with only two air balloons? Today, Urgup Balloons operates more than 10 Cameron & Lindstrand Air Balloons 240-500 series and 4 UltraMagic balloons 425-500 series and has a daily capacity of 152 passengers. Shortly after our launch in 2008, we have become the leading and Cappadocia’s most preferred ballooner. As an industry leader, we have made a unique contribution to the development of hot-air-ballooning in Cappadocia and invented numerous industry firsts. 

With more than 60 employees and a fleet of 14 balloons, we continue to decorate Cappadocia skies with the mission of providing different flying and a privileged balloon flight service for our guests. 


The Urgup Experience

It’s essentially the way we fly that makes #UrgupExperience extraordinary. The Pilots of Ürgüp have a unique flight method aiming to gently drifting around the rocks in the valleys of Cappadocia, thereby elevating the quality of experience. Every morning we change our take-off areas according to the direction of the wind, and we specially design our flights so that you can discover the unique beauty of Cappadocia in its perfect form.

Another factor that makes #UrgupExperience extraordinary is our superior operational capability. At Urgup Balloons, we are obsessively passionate about being punctual, on-time and well-prepared for a wide range of scenarios when conducting flight operation. Because we believe operational effectiveness is a crucial element in hot air ballooning and the smooth running of the entire flight organisation profoundly hinges on operational capabilities of the ballooner.

Fly Curious, Discover Cappadocia with Urgup Balloons because we design our entire flight organisation with the aim of boosting up your imagination.

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