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4 Things to Consider Before Booking A Balloon Ride in Cappadocia

4 Things to Consider Before Booking A Balloon Ride in Cappadocia
4 Things to Consider Before Booking A Balloon Ride in Cappadocia9.02.2021

Ballooning through the beautiful valleys of Cappadocia is a great way to discover the surrealistic rock formations that makes up the land. Cappadocia offers its visitors a balloon festival that takes place every early morning. Going on a balloon ride in Cappadocia is one of the most unique flying experiences because there is no other place on the earth where 150 balloons ascend together from the same launch site. Thanks to the lunarlike landscape of Cappadocia, when flying with a hot air balloon, passengers usually get a feeling that they are flying on a different planet. It also gives a bird's eye view of hidden churches an fairy chimneys that are not accessible by roads, such as the Pancarlık Church and Kızıl Valley.

The idea of flying over the other-worldly landscape of Cappadocia sounds so appealing that you wouldn't need to delve into details, yet there are important things to consider before booking your balloon flight. Therefore to prevent your dream balloon flight from turning into a disappointment, it is important that you book your balloon ticket smartly in Cappadocia. 

Here are four awesome tips on how to book your balloon ride in Cappadocia:

1) Book directly with the operator.

The first thing to know that ballooning is an expensive activity. There are a lot of fake cheap balloon ride deals online. To protect yourself against scams, always try to book your balloon flight directly with the ballooner itself, avoid third-party sellers who tend to give false or misleading information to travellers. You can also have a look at this blog for further reasons to book your balloon flight directly with the balloon company.

2) Make sure the operator's flight crew consists of professionals

Hot air balloon operations can sometimes ve highly problematic due to its dependency on ever-changing weather conditions. Providing a smooth and hassle-free flying experience for passengers requires an agile flight crew on the spot. Therefore, the operator's flight crew and ground operations staff must be highly experienced in delivering excellent hot air balloon flight service. Click here to learn more about Urgup Balloons Team.

3) Book at least one month in advance

During the peak time of the season (April, May, June, September, October), all balloon tickets tend to get sold out three weeks in advance. So in order to secure your place in the skies of Cappadocia, we'd recommend travellers to book their balloon flight as early as possible. You can also take advantage of early booking benefits like discounted prices. 

Pro tip: Additionally, keep in mind most balloon companies in Cappadocia offer special group rates (ask for group discount).

4) Make sure the address of your accommodation eligible for complimentary pick-up & drop-off service. 

Bear in mind that the during your stay in Cappadocia,  address of your accommodation must be in the towns of Cappadocia (Urgup, Goreme, Avanos, Uchisar, Ortahisar, Mustafapasa, Nevsehir, Nar). If you're staying out of the previously mentioned towns, you may be charged an additional pick-up & drop-off service fee.