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Five main factors affecting the price of your balloon ride in Cappadocia

Five main factors affecting the price of your balloon ride in Cappadocia
Five main factors affecting the price of your balloon ride in Cappadocia9.02.2021

We know that balloon flight is the most expensive part of your Cappadocia trip. So it is good to know the factors that influence balloon ticket prices in Cappadocia. 

1) Basket Capacity & Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons Slot System

In Cappadocia, a balloon operator can only operate as many balloons as the number of its slots allotted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Turkey. To reduce air traffic, the Civil Aviation Authority of Turkey permits up to 150 balloons to fly at the same time in Cappadocia zone. But at this point, a question arises: how does the Cappadocia slot allocation system affect balloon ticket prices? Here is the answer: When a balloon company in Cappadocia uses its limited slots to operate its smaller capacity balloons, it actually reduces its passenger-carrying capacity. For instance, private balloon flights are extremely expensive in Cappadocia, though operating a balloon with a lower passenger capacity is fairly cheap for the ballooner. 

2) Timing of Flight

In Cappadocia, balloon ticket prices vary greatly depending on the season. To not pay over €250 per person for a balloon ride, it would be clever to plan your Cappadocia trip for wintertime. Due to low demand, balloon companies usually offer great discounts up to 50% off during slow times while during the peak season, you might find yourself trying to arrange your balloon ride on the black market. 

Pro tip: If your agenda does not allow you to travel Cappadocia during winter but at the same time you don't want to get overcharged for a balloon flight, Book as EARLY as possible directly with the operator and DON'T leave it to last minute. 

3) Insurance Prices

According to the Civil Aviation Act of Turkey, to operate a hot air balloon, it must have all-inclusive insurance covering passengers. Changes and fluctuation in reinsurance rates directly influence balloon ticket prices. In 2018, balloon flight prices have dramatically increased in Cappadocia proportionately with the rising cost of hot air balloon insurance. 

4) Competition

Hot air balloon sector in Cappadocia is characterised by stiff competition which can cause the balloon flight prices to fall. Some balloon operators tend to drop prices even when they face an unexpected decline in demand for a temporary period, which eventually forces other operators to lower their prices.

5) Direct & Indirect Balloon Booking

In Cappadocia, there are numerous travel agents, third-party sellers and hotels who advertise and sell balloon flight tickets on various online platforms. Remember that they take commissions from your booking and usually overcharge their clients. In Cappadocia, booking your balloon flight through the balloon operator itself can save up to %50 off. Further, most ballooners offer best-price guarantee for direct bookers and attach greatest to importance them. Direct bookers are usually accommodated on sunrise flights and receive more personalised attention while those who booked their balloon flight through a travel agent are usually allocated for late-morning flights and experience poor customer service. 

6) Capacity Restrictions (Post-COVID Factor)

According to the guidelines for safe ballooning issued by The Civil Aviation Authority of Turkey, hot air balloons must be set to fly low capacity. Decreased passenger-carrying capacity on balloons drives ticket prices higher.