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How to Book the Cheapest Hot Air Balloon Flights Possible in Cappadocia

How to Book the Cheapest Hot Air Balloon Flights Possible in Cappadocia
How to Book the Cheapest Hot Air Balloon Flights Possible in Cappadocia28.03.2020

Book Early for Cheap Flights

It is a general myth that balloon operators significantly lower their prices closer to the departure date. On the contrary, waiting until the last minute can cost you a great deal of money or even you might lose your chance to fly over Cappadocia as flight tickets are likely to sell out one week in advance during peak seasons. So, to snag the cheapest air balloon ride it is better to book your flight three to four weeks ahead of time.

Avoid peak travel months and be flexible with your travel dates

In Cappadocia, the cheapest months to fly is usually: December, January (except Christmas New Year’s Eve), early March and the month of Ramadan (Ramadan 2021 begins on Tuesday, April 13 and ends on Wednesday, May 12)

The most expensive months to fly is usually: April, May, June, July, September, October.

Go for budget flight packages

Many operators offer a variety of flight packages for every budget. Flight packages with fewer passenger capacity will typically cost 20% more than other flight packages with higher capacity. For instance, Urgup Classic Flight is known to be a budget-friendly flight package which uses 28-passenger capacity balloons.

Avoid third-party intermediaries (travel agents, hotels, independent sellers) when booking your hot air balloon flight.

Third-party sellers tend to inflate hot air balloon prices using deceptive marketing strategies. Hot air balloon operators value their legitimacy in order to create a positive brand perception. They are more transparent about their pricing policy and practices while third-party sellers adopt an informal business approach and can commit opportunistic practices by overcharging their clients. Urgup Balloons advises all tourists to be cautious of approaches from any other unauthorised third-party sellers.