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Is flying with low passenger capacity hot air balloons better for keeping social distance onboard?

Does low passenger capacity hot air balloon mean more space on board?
Is flying with low passenger capacity hot air balloons better for keeping social distance onboard?9.02.2021

For those looking for a quick answer: NO, they are simply not related. It is today's number one rule: To mitigate the risk of virus transmission, avoid crowded places and keep your social distance even if prevailing conditions make it barely possible. Shortly, more space and room matters! 

One question that bothers adventurers dreaming of soaring through beautiful skies of Cappadocia on a hot air balloon during these uncertain times is whether they should opt for smaller balloons and less passenger capacity baskets to fly with. But the fact is that there is no difference between a higher passenger capacity balloon and a lower passenger capacity balloon in terms of the space allocated for per passenger within their compartment.

We know travellers tend to believe that the less the carrying capacity of a balloon the more room each passenger will have onboard though there is no correlation between these two. Travellers are incorrectly advised to book balloon flights that use lower passenger-carrying capacity hot air balloons although there is no logical rationale behind it. Since each passenger will have the same level of personal room onboard, what makes smaller balloons safer than bigger ones in terms of protecting yourself from Coronavirus? 

In a nutshell, flying with a higher capacity balloon will help no better your social distancing onboard than flying with lower passenger-carrying capacity balloons. So when booking your balloon flight in Cappadocia, consider that lower passenger capacity does not necessarily mean more space per passenger on a hot air balloon.