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Six Reasons why you should book directly with a hot air balloon operator in Cappadocia

Six Reasons why you should book directly with a hot air balloon operator in Cappadocia
Six Reasons why you should book directly with a hot air balloon operator in Cappadocia2.05.2020

You will get the best price.

One reason to book your hot air balloon flight directly with the balloon operator is that you're usually guaranteed to get the lowest price available (Urgup Balloons guarantee that you’ll find the best price on their website). Most third-party sellers in Cappadocia rely on commissions from hot-air-balloon ticket sales. Hot air balloon operators pay nearly %40 of their revenue as commissions to travel agents, hotels and independent sales agents. In Cappadocia, the commission percentages generally range  30 – 50% of the total price of a hot air balloon ticket. Therefore, booking directly through the ballooner website is the best way to avoid paying commissions and add-on fees and can save up to 50%.

You will be given priority in case you get waitlisted for an alternative flight.

Another benefit of booking directly with the hot-air-balloon operator is that if your original flight is cancelled due to bad weather and you get waitlisted for an alternative flight, balloon operators give priority to customers who booked their flight directly with them on the waiting list (Urgup Balloons usually offer an alternative flight for their customers who made their booking through www.urgupballoons.com). Considering hot-air-flights do get cancelled occasionally due to windy weather, if you’ve booked your flight with a third-party seller, you’re most likely to end up missing the opportunity to fly with hot air balloon over the surrealistic landscape of Cappadocia.  Also bear in mind that some third-party sellers impose additional charges when rescheduling their clients’ cancelled flights even though they’re entitled to do so.

You will have access to effective customer support.

If something goes wrong with your flight or booking, you don’t have to deal with a 3rd party to get it resolved. In Cappadocia, hot air balloon flights are generally conducted in the morning. Thousands of shuttle buses drive from one hotel to another to pick up passengers which sometimes can be very problematic. In such a problematic situation, booking direct puts you in an advantageous position as you can talk directly to your operator on the spot to resolve the issue. Hot air balloon operators usually attach greater emphasis to direct bookers and offer special services exclusively compiled for them (Urgup Balloons provide 24/7 WhatsApp support for direct bookers).

You will fly with the most talented and experienced pilot of the company.

A common priority for hot air balloon operators has been to offer a different and exclusive flight service for direct bookers with the aim of building customer loyalty and maximizing word-of-mouth marketing. Unlike planes, pilot cockpits are just next to passenger compartments on hot air balloons which allows face-to-face interaction between the pilot and passengers. The pilots who are the face of the company interacting directly with customers are the ones who determine their levels of satisfaction. Therefore, the more experienced pilots are generally assigned to fly with direct bookers. For instance, Urgup Balloons always assign the pilots with more than 1500 flying hour in the team to fly with the customers who booked directly on www.urgupballoons.com.

Depending on availability, smaller balloons will always be prioritized for direct bookers.

By directly booking with a hot air balloon operator, you also increase your chances of flying with a smaller balloon. This is because operators always endeavour to allocate seats of smaller balloons to those who book directly. They also usually fly below capacity to increase the room per passenger given in the compartment. However, third-party sellers usually do not guarantee balloon-type for their clients.

If your hot air balloon flight got cancelled due to bad weather, operators guarantee your full-refund.

Hot air ballooning is extremely weather permitting activity. If weather cancels your flight, even though you’re entitled to claim a full refund, you’re at the mercy of your travel agent as they generally have a strict refund policy. Conversely, air balloon operators provide full-refund for weather-related cancellations. They also usually have a more flexible cancellation policy as opposed to third-party intermediaries and offer more leeway to their customers. If you need to alter or cancel your booking, you can make it without taking a loss.

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