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We’re a dynamic, innovative and passionate team with a decade of hot-air-ballooning experience, working very hard to fly right. We have an eye for detail and a can-do attitude backed by more than 10 years of experience delivering excellent hot-air-balloon flight service.


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Yiğit Aydemir
General DirectorYiğit Aydemir

Yiğit’s understanding of business is predicated upon the belief that alike happiness, success is the result of collective effort. He designs and builds Urgup Balloons’ principal strategies with a great emphasis on the company’s values, and leads the team effectively to turn these strategies into reality. He ensures safety and meritocracy remain the core values of Urgup Balloons.

Yigit joined Urgup Balloons in October 2018 as Sales & Marketing Director with the task to lead the digital transformation and corporate rebranding of the company, then was appointed as General Director in 2019. He made Urgup Balloons the first operator in the industry whose website is equipped with the advanced booking system that enables customers to book the film of their balloon flight and photography service in advance.

Yiğit holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the fields of economics and management from world-renowned top tier universities, Istanbul University and the University of Manchester

Ali Kars
Chief Financial OfficerAli Kars

Ali is responsible for overseeing Urgup Balloons’ financial traffic, management of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting. He ensures the company financially fulfils its goals. Before Urgup Balloons, he was accounting and financial manager of Blue Dreams Resort in Bodrum. While not dealing with numbers, he participates in volunteer organisations.

Burhan Dölek
Operations DirectorBurhan Dölek

Burhan has been with Urgup Balloons for nearly five years, bringing a decade of operations experience to Urgup Balloons. He simply oversees the implementation of all business strategies and ensures everything runs accordingly with the company’s code of conduct and principles. Previously, he was the operations director of one of the Cappadocia’s finest boutique hotels, Gülkonakları Hotel. When not at work, he can be found snowboarding and biking.

Güray Ovalı
Deputy Director of OperationsGüray Ovalı

With over a decade of experience in hot air balloon operations, Güray is an expert in transport planning and customer service. His superior memorization skills and multitasking abilities makes Urgup Balloons the most punctual firm in the Cappadocia. During his tenancy at Urgup Balloons, he has organised more than 8,000 air balloon flight operations, served approximately 150,000 customers.

He also organised the flights of many celebrities, politicians and influencers. His responsibilities include optimising rout plans, anticipating pick-up/drop-off times, coordinating chauffeurs and service partners. Away from work, he can be seen wandering in art galleries.

Ferdi Cemiloğlu
Deputy AccountantFerdi Cemiloğlu

Ferdi has been with Urgup Balloons since 2014, holding a bachelor’s degree in accounting. His responsibilities include processing refunds, preparing VAT returns, issuing invoices and approving expenses. Since balloon flight cancellations can happen frequently in per year, an accountant working at a balloon firm must act hastily when processing refunds. Backed by his agile mind and meticulous personality, he ensures your refund returns to your credit card safely. When not dealing with numbers and pushing the limits of accounting programs, he can be found playing football or watching Game Of Thrones over and over again.