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Industry-first Features of urgupballoons.com

Industry-first Features of urgupballoons.com

As an innovation leader of the hot air balloon industry in Cappadocia, we've designed the most user-friendly website that is equipped with industry-first features.

At Urgup Balloons, we attach utmost importance to our digitalization progress and believe that since providing a better customer experience is our top priority, we continuously invest in adapting technology to our business practices. After five months of hard work and dedication, we're excited to announce our new website that uses the most advanced technology among ballooners in Cappadocia. 

While developing our new website, we strive to design pages as much user-friendly as possible to allow our customers to effortlessly book their balloon flight in Cappadocia. Our main objective with this new website is to provide detailed information about our flight packages and to offer easier booking process for our customers. 

As part of our commitment to transparency, the new website gives better access to the inclusions and features of the flight packages. On the page of Flights, customers can check how much square meter is given per passenger in the basket and the balloon capacity which differs depending on the flight package. We know some of our customers want to get to know who their pilot will be before booking a hot air balloon flight. To address their concern, our new website has a Team page which provides detailed information about the professional background of our pilots. 

 Briefly, one-click ballooning is now possible with Urgup! 

Industry-first features of urgupballoons.com

- With one click, customers can now pre-book the 360 panoramic film of their balloon flight and the pre-flight photography session. 

- With one click, customers can now pinpoint their exact pick-up location using Google Maps to ensure a hassle-free shuttle arrangement. 

- With one click, customers can now easily use promotion codes to take advantage of our very special offers. 

- With one click, customers can now pick an alternative date for a replacement flight on the booking page in case their original balloon flight is cancelled due to bad weather.

- On the detail pages of flight packages, high-resolution flight trailers allow customers to visualise what they will experience when they fly with Urgup Balloons.