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Hot air Balloon Cappadocia
Hot air Balloon Cappadocia
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Otelimizden tam belirtilen zamanda Cağrı bey tarafinda alınıp toplanma yerinde güzel bir kahvaltıdan sonra balonun olduğu bölgeye geçtik . Pilot umuz Nebi Öztürk yönetiminde ki TC-BUF balonumuzla havalandık ve anlatılmayacak kadar mükemmel bir görsellikten ve güneşin doğuşunu izledikten sonra vadide diğer balonlarla dolaştık. 1 saat ti bize dolu dolu yaşatan verdiği bilgilerle çevreyi bize anlatan işinin ciddiyetini bilen tecrübeli pilot umuz Nebi Öztürk kardeşime çok teşekkürler .

Rasim YÜZER Turkey

“Do not hesitate to choose Urgup!” I have done several researches about Hot balloons with affordable price but as well offering unforgettable experience, I could not agree more with all comments below. It was amazing experience from beginning they pick me up from accomodation till the end. Ah and also salute to skilful pilot Abdullah.

Fatiah I Turkey

“Absolutely brilliant” Every single thing about Urgup balloons was brilliant. They were on time to pick us up, there was bread and cake and coffee in their office where we waited to drive to the balloons, and then the balloon itself was brilliant too. The scenery was beautiful, the basket was spacious, the pilot spoke good English and could answer all questions well and he took us both high up in the sky and right down into the valleys. There was also a champagne reception upon landing. Now, the "champagne" was absolutely awful, but so what? The rest of the flight was absolutely brilliant, allowing you to see Cappadocia in all its majesty. There are many balloon companies (the driver said 80 were in the sky at the same time as us) but I see no fault whatsoever with Urgup. Highly, highly recommended,

StraightTalker28 Denem

We had an amazing time flying with Urgup Balloons. The whole team is so great, everyone treated us so well, always with a happy attitude and respect with the clients. The pilot was very knowledgeable about the Cappadocia area that we saw from above, he explain a few things and made us feel very comfortable and safe during the flight and landing, it was a very smooth landing by the way. The experience flying over Cappadocia has always been a dream of mine and I'm truly happy to have done it with Urgup Balloons. The little things like a tasty breakfast, having a fun/funny pilot, making a nice toast with champagne after landing, the beautifully well designed Flight Certificate and the great team, made such a difference in our experience. We really wish them the best and success with everything they do, they seem to love their work and that feeling transfers to the clients when we fly with them. Thank you!

Raphaela Brazil

“Amazing experience” This is not an activity to be missed if you are in Cappadocia - or even Turkey for that matter. It is truly an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience. If you do pick Urgup, and you should, ask for Nebi Ozturk; the man is hilarious, and a skilled pilot. Special shout out to Nevzat for helping arrange everything as best possible as well

Salaar K Afghanistan

Flying over Cappadocia beautiful landscape was one of those experiences you will never forget or regret. We had an amazing time flying with Urgup Ballons. They were all very nice to us, proply answered all our questions via phone and email before the flight date and made us feel comfortable flying with them. I would highly recommend them to my friend, family or anyone that asks me about flying in a Hot Air Balloon over Cappadocia.

Aaron United States