Reasons to flywith Urgup Balloons
  • Well-Established and Safe Operator
  • Professional Pilot Team
  • Helpful Ground Operations Crew
  • The State-of-Art Balloon Fleet
  • Customer-Oriented Management
  • Spacious Baskets
  • World’s Leading Digital Ballooner
  • Operational Excellence
  • Transparent Company Culture

Well-Established and Safe Operator

We places security, safety and wellbeing of our passengers above all else

  • We take a proactive approach in implementing safety procedures transcending the standards of the balloon industry.
  • All of our balloons are fully qualified under aviation regulatory requirements stipulated in ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management Systems.
  • Periodic checks of our balloons are held by independent maintenance specialists affiliated to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.
  • We undergo daily inspections and maintenance before each flight to ensure balloons’ suitability for safe flight.

Professional Pilot Team

We have the most qualified flight crew with a minimum of 10 years’ ballooning experience.

  • We continuously facilitate advanced hot-air-balloon pilot training programmes to ensure our pilots maintain a high level of technical proficiency.
  • All of our pilots possess full commercial pilot’s licences with a minimum of 750 flight hours.
  • All of our pilots are given at least 24-hours off in a 7-day period.
  • All of our pilots are given with the opportunity for at least 10 uninterrupted sleep hours prior to flight duty.

Helpful Ground Operations Crew

They are alert, well trained and always there to help.

  • Our ground crew pleasantly accommodates and understands your needs.
  • We’re fully aware that effective coordination of ground staff has of utmost importance for ensuring the safety of passengers, therefore require all the members of Urgup Balloons’ ground crew to pass through training on a yearly basis in order to maintain their operations knowledge and skills.

The State-of-Art Balloon Fleet

We have the youngest hot air balloon fleet with an average aircraft age of approximately 3 years.

  • All of our hot air balloons are the largest and most reliable aircraft in the balloon industry, exclusively designed and equipped with cutting-edge technology, produced for commercial flights by the world’s largest manufacturers of hot-air-balloon, UltraMagic and Cameron Balloons. Once inflated, they can reach up to 20 meters in diameter.
  • At Urgup Balloons, as part of our commitment to service excellence, we continuously rejuvenate our fleet with state-of-art hot air balloons, having spent more than $1.5 million on balloons since 2008.

Customer-Oriented Management

We prioritise customers’ needs and wants over profit maximisation.

  • We adopt a long-term approach when organising our strategies, and place customer satisfaction to the centre of our business model.
  • Since creating value for our passengers remains the core principle of our business model, by allocating 20% of our total annual budget, we persistently improve our operations to provide better service.
  • By being the first in the Cappadocia hot air balloon industry, to better assist you, we provide 24/7 WhatsApp customer service.

Spacious Baskets

Regardless of the flight type, feel the comfort.

  • All of our balloons’ baskets are the largest ones in the balloon industry, providing extra space for each passenger to ensure a comfortable flight.
  • We provide a minimum space of 0,2530 m² per passenger on the balloon.

World’s Leading Digital Ballooner

Creativity underlies the core of our mindset.

  • We never stop working towards a better balloon flight service and strive to produce novel ways to enhance your unparalleled hot-air-balloon experience.
  • To improve the operational efficiency of the flights, we use advanced route planning software and systems.
  • Booking a hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia has never been that easy thanks to our user-friendly website, allowing customers to effortlessly make & manage their booking and easily access all the important information respecting hot air ballooning.
  • We’re the only hot air balloon operator in Cappadocia whose online booking system enables customers to book the extra services in advance!

Operational Excellence

We provide a simple, convenient and punctual customer experience!

  • Once you have booked your flight, our customer specialists will keep you informed via email at every stage of your balloon journey.
  • A 24/7 WhatsApp support line will also be at your service for any problem that cannot wait until the morning to be fixed.
  • We work with the best route planners in the Cappadocia region to avoid potential delays on pick-up times.
  • To provide customer convenience, we have meticulously designed middleware systems working behind our website, enabling us to keep you informed about your booking and easily process refunds in case of a cancellation due to unsafe weather conditions.

Transparent Company Culture

We simply promise what we can deliver, then deliver more than we promise!

  • We’re the only operator in Cappadocia transparently displaying prices and providing comprehensive information regarding the space given for per passenger in the basket.
  • We understand some people might want to know more about who their pilot will be. To address their concern, our website has a “Meet The Team” page where visitors can learn more about our pilots’ professional background.